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brewster ma lifeWelcome to life in Brewster, MA.

First settled in 1656 as a parish of the town of Harwich, the town separated as the northern, wealthier parish in 1693.

Brewster was named in honor of Elder William Brewster, the first religious leader of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony.

Many of of the town’s business institutions were all on Brewster’s main street (now Route 6A), including the town hall and churches.

After a minor civil uprising, Brewster was officially incorporated as its own town in 1803.

The town’s history grew around Stony Brook, where the first water-powered grist and woolen mill in the country was founded in the late 17th century.

There were many rich sea captains in the town who built many of the mansions and stately homes which now constitute the town’s inns and bed-and-breakfasts.

Most notable of these are the Brewster Historical Society Captain Elijah Cobb House on Lower Road, the Crosby Mansion on Crosby Lane by Crosby Beach, and the Captain Freeman Inn on Breakwater Road.

Brewster’s unique natural assets of more than 5,000 acres of conservation land with walking and biking trails; a herring run where the alewife migrate to their home pond; salt and fresh water beaches; ponds and forests set the backdrop for the eco-tourist’s experience.

Points of interest

  • Wings Island
  • Brewster Conservation Trust Walking Trails
  • Brewster Historical Society Museum
  • Brewster Ladies’ Library
  • The Blue Island Crab
  • Cape Cod Museum of Natural History
  • Herring Run @ Stony Brook Grist Mill
  • Cape Cod Sea Camps
  • Captain Freeman Inn
  • Chatham Bars Inn Farm, Brewster
  • Crosby Mansion
  • Paines Creek
  • Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club
  • Nickerson State Park
  • The Woodshed

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