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Cape Cod Secret Spots – Fun things to do in Cape Cod

Paine’s Creek Herring Run Mating Dance – Brewster.MA.Life

Did you get to see the Herring run this season? Here’s a quick video following the annual Spring Herring run up Paine’s Creek in Brewster, Cape Cod. Also known as Alewives and Bluebacks, river Herring have been migrating from the ocean to fresh water ponds and streams in Springtime for centuries. Native people as well …

Cape Cod Videos

A Moment of Zen Series – Quiet Moments on the Beaches of Cape Cod

Paines Creek Herring Run - Brewster.MA.Life
Bass River Inlet - Yarmouth, MA Cape Cod
nauset beach cape cod
skaket beach cape cod
Sunken Meadow Beach Cape Cod
Paines Creek Cape Cod
Cliff Pond Nickerson State Park Cape Cod
Mants Landing Cape Cod
Boat Meadow Beach Cape Cod
Breakwater Beach Cape Cod


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