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Cape Cod Drone Photography by Shuriken Productions


Cape Cod MA LifeWelcome to Life in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  We provide educational, historical, environmental and regional content for the Cape Cod community of visitors, washashores and locals.

Join us as we share pictures, videos, stories and the beautiful history of life on the Cape through this site and our series of social media pages that put a unique spotlight on each town.


What’s New

Truth about Christopher Columbus Story – Italian Heritage Appreciation Day

Christopher Columbus was a cunning and bold Italian explorer and a master navigator of his time. He was born in 1451 in the Republic of Genoa, part of what is now Italy and went to sea as a teen to sail the Mediterranean in grand trading voyages. His reckless ambition to explore nature and brave …

Find Your Cape

There are special spots on Cape Cod that are so picturesque.  As locals, we would love to help you find your Cape, too. Our team strives to provide residents and guests of Barnstable County with insider tips on where to dine, secrets places to visit and great ideas for fun things to do and see on the Cape.

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