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Professional HD Real Estate Drone and Virtual Photography for Agents and Brokers

MA State Election Candidates 2022

These State executive offices are up for election in Mass in 2022 and for the Cape and Islands The general election will occur on November 8, 2022. Get to know your candidates!  

Cape Cod Drone Photography

Cape Cod Drone Photography is a Facebook page with a series of highlight videos and photos from the towns across Barnstable County across Cape Cod MA. Featuring the video production work by @ShurikenProductions Legal drone imagery courtesy of Steven C. Frissora, licensed UAV pilot, aerial photographer and videographer.

Bob Amaral Photography

Bob has been taking photos since he was a child. A good friend of gave him his professional DSLR camera, and that is when he started taking photography seriously. Bob then started to learn the ins and outs of photography over the years. He has been living on Cape Cod for over a decade. Bob …

Truth about Christopher Columbus Story – Italian Heritage Appreciation Day

Christopher Columbus was a cunning and bold Italian explorer and a master navigator of his time. He was born in 1451 in the Republic of Genoa, part of what is now Italy and went to sea as a teen to sail the Mediterranean in grand trading voyages. His reckless ambition to explore nature and brave …

Arcanna Packaging Design

Looking for a new approach to position your Food and Beverage product line for growth? Arcanna brings decades of package design and branding experience and has delivered award-winning creative product positioning strategies for leading consumer packaged goods brands. They’ve helped launch thousands of new product lines and gave existing brands a competitive advantage to stand …

United Cape Patriots

United Cape Patriots is a grassroots conservative movement based on Cape Cod. Founding Principles: • We adhere to the constitution as originally intended. • We are conservatives 1st, and party neutral. • We have a bias for action. To join our email list contact us at