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Sunken Meadow Beach Cape Cod

Have you found the secret of Sunken Meadow Beach? Take a walk on the soft sands as we visit this special spot in Eastham, Cape Cod.


Sunken Meadow Beach in Eastham is a great bay side beach and is a great spot for surf casting at twilight. Steeper than some of the other bay beaches, you can enjoy the sunset with a higher vantage point. Like all bay beaches, this is ideal for young children especially as the tide goes out.

The water temperature is in the 60 to 70 degree range in the summer. This is a town beach, and the Town of Eastham charges per day for parking. There is limited parking at this beach, with only about 10 spaces (depending on the sand drifts).

Stickers can be obtained at the natural Resources Building at 555 Old Orchard Road, or Sunday only at the First Encounter Parking Lot.

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Cliff Pond Nickerson Park – Brewster Cape Cod MA

Cliff Pond Nickerson State Park Cape Cod

Cliff Pond is 204 acre kettlehole pond, the largest in Nickerson State Park. The pond gets its name from the cliffs surrounding the pond.

The 2.6 miles of protected shoreline are undeveloped pitch pine and dry oak woodlands with a moderately challenging trail with big views, a giant boulder and plenty of opportunities to walk along soft sand beaches.

Transparency is exceptional, extending to 23 feet, and aquatic vegetation is scant. The pond is heavily used by boaters during the summer months.

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Mants Landing – Brewster Cape Cod MA

Mants Landing Cape Cod

Mants Landing in Brewster, also known as Robbins Hill beach, is a playground for children to explore the tidal pools searching for small fish, shells, and crabs.

Not too crowded, with ample parking. One of the entrances has stairs right off the parking area. The oyster grants appear as the tide recedes, which can occur rapidly. Parents should be aware if they take the family on a long walk out on the flats to explore.

Although there is no snack bar, an ice cream truck routinely visits to offer snacks and refreshments.

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Boat Meadow Beach – Eastham MA Life

Boat Meadow Beach Cape Cod

Have you walked the shallow pools of Boat Meadow Beach? Put yourself on the beach with this short video from Eastham, Cape Cod.

Boat Meadow Beach in Eastham is a petite, marshy beach with many shallow water sandbars that make it great for children. The main sand bar is small, but can be a long walk, especially when it gets crowded. Off season, this is a local favorite.

There are boats that sit on the horizon against the dunes and tide of this scenic landscape. Parking is limited, so get there early or find alternate means of transportation.

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Sounds of Skaket Beach – Orleans MA Life

Have you found the secret of Skaket Beach? Take a moment and watch our favorite sunsets and find your Moment of Zen on Skaket Beach in Orleans, Cape Cod.

Low tide fun at Skaket Beach in Orleans. This fine sand beach offers warm water swimming and is great for long strolls on the flats at low tide.
Skaket Beach is a great beach for socially distant calm, gentle beauty and family fun.

It’s not a swimmers beach. It’s a walking beach, a dipping beach, a walk forever out into the ocean beach. During high season it’s wise to get there early to avoid being turned away.

It is apparently one of the Go-to spots on the Cape to watch the sun disappear into the western sky. A perfect photo every sunset.

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Bass River Beach Drone – Yarmouth MA Life

A Moment of Zen_Bass River Beach Yarmouth

Bass River is an estuary and village in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, United States. The estuary separates the towns of Yarmouth and Dennis at the central, southern sections of the towns. At its widest and most southerly point, it opens to and meets Nantucket Sound.

Bass River Beach or as it is commonly know, “Smugglers Beach”, is a quiet, restfull beach. There is a walkway and fishing pier to stroll on and enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean.

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Nauset Beach Moment of Zen – Orleans MA Life

Have you ever seen the natural seal predation by Cape Cods famous Great Whites? Here’s a video during high season while we listen to the sounds of the Atlantic along Nauset Beach in Cape Cod.

Relish the taste of the ocean air, the sound of the breaking surf, and simply the best view on Cape Cod. Nauset Beach is a public beach inside the Cape Cod National Seashore Beach on the east coast of outer Cape Cod in Orleans, Massachusetts.

Nauset extends south from a point opposite Nauset Bay to the mouth of Chatham Harbor. Nauset Light Beach consists of a broad, sandy beach that is contained by a steep glacial scarp behind it. The cliffs provide a superb view of the great outer beach and the ever-changing sea.

Warm enough to walk barefoot along the water’s edge, but quiet enough to enjoy the sound of the ocean, the shore can offer some of the highest waves on Cape Cod. It is popular with swimmers, surfers, boogie boarders and fishermen.

Avoiding large schools of fish when swimming, and steering clear of seals or murky waters with low visibility is advisable and always swim, paddle or surf in a group.

Shark sightings are nothing new for Cape Cod, which has a reputation as a hot spot for white sharks. There have been several shark attacks on Cape Cod beaches in recent years, including a fatal one in 2018, when a 26-year-old man died after he was attacked by a shark at Newcomb Hollow Beach in Wellfleet.

It was the first fatal shark attack in Massachusetts since 1936. Unlike the shark featured in the 1975 film “Jaws,” great white sharks don’t intentionally target humans. But sharks can mistake swimmers for seals, their natural prey, and Cape Cod’s seal population has been flourishing under federal protections.

Nauset Beach in the fall is the perfect time to visit. During winter months, the beach profile is considerably lowered, sometimes exposing features such as the brick foundation of one of the earlier Three Sisters lighthouses.

There is not enough parking, but you can drop off the family and then ride to the beach. The beach is wide and if you’re willing to walk, can always find a private section of sand.

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